Black Lives Matter x NBA

While this country was going through weird times the NBA season HAD TO continue. Because the entertainment is worth more than fighting for REAL equality & not what the LGBTQ community says is “equality”.

I would like to point out the obvious gestures that are being used by NBA players in the above picture (kneeling). We know who used the gesture before & what came with it. When Colin Kaepernick had the balls to stand up for what he believes in he received very little to no support from his peers or people in general who understood what he was kneeling for (bring awareness to ongoing police brutality).

For the same gesture to be used by NBA players is highly disrespectful & clearly isn’t organic at all. The effort from NBA players (on behalf of black Americans) in support of equality & ending police brutality were pathetic. Demands like Job opportunities, funding for programs+schools, EQUALITY & ending police brutality were not made or taken seriously.

NBA player Chris Paul said it himself they were just trying to shed light on the social justice issues. Although words mean nothing don’t take what Chris Paul said lightly for one bit…. that’s exactly all the players were trying to do. No one truly cared about the “social justice issues” or else no one would have played until we were heard & results were seen. (excluding players who were very vocal about their stance on resuming the season)

Because players weren’t smart/organized enough the NBA took matters into their own hands & created a charitable foundation dedicated to “accelerating economic growth in the black community” + pledged 300M over the course of 10yrs which is the last thing we could possibly want. With this foundation we have 0 control & won’t be able to trace every dollar to make sure it’s being used correctly. We are now forced to take their word for it on what you can call an “I got you.” agreement. This agreement will make some people skeptical about whether or not these owners will actually come through on their promises like NBA player Jaylen Brown said in a post game interview.

You have to admit it was a nice collaboration that lasted for 6 months.

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