Will You Be Getting The Fauci Juice?

In this post you’ll find a total of 5 separate incidents involving death after receiving the c0vid 19 vaxxine, use of (1) vaxxine manufacturer suspended, companies offering incentives for employees to get vaxxinated, CDC giving the green light for gatherings (as long as everyone’s vaxxinated) & National Geographic Channel broadcasting the journey of creating the vaxxine.

Unfortunately I feel for the people who does & believe everything they see on TV because that’s exactly why Nat. Geo. Is broadcasting the journey of creating the vaxxine from (1) manufacturer….. TO MAKE YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE, SECURE WITH YOUR DECISION, ETC.

After numerous deaths officials still refuse to tell the truth about the links between death or injuries after vaxxination & it seems as if the trend will continue.

The CDC giving the green light for sharing space with others as long as you’re vaxxinated should be a CLEAR SIGN there will be a MAJOR push for employees to get vaxxinated in the near future.

A long list of companies introduced their incentive program for the vaxxine & I’m not surprised. But here’s the catch…. With most of these companies you won’t receive these rewards until 2022 keep in mind that’s if you live to see 2022 my friends.

Lastly if the answer to my question is no I’ll ask the question again but this time let’s add “even if your job depends on it”. Think about it, is this what YOU really want or do you think there’s no other choice? Hopefully these posts open your eyes & make you think about what you’re doing before you simply comply or give into what’s being asked of you.

Fact Check:

  • (5 incidents involving death after covid vaxxine)

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