Get Down Or Lay Down

3 Presidents died (got whacked by the Charlie Indigo Alpha) between Mar. 2021-Jul. 2021 & they all said the same thing…. “No”. Starting with the suspicious death of John Magulfi (former Tanzanian President) you should note he died about 2 months after the news was released that his country will not be accepting c0vid vaxxines. Mr. Magulfi was very open about not trusting vaxxines or thinking they were necessary because his trust was in the most high just like the amish people we never hear about c0vid affecting. A few months after his death a shipment of 1.05 Million Johnson & Johnson vaxxines is delivered to the country. Following the delivery Tanzania’s new President got vaxxinated live on national television with hopes of convincing citizens it’s safe and they should do the same.

Moving onto Pierre Nkurunziza (Former Burundian President) you should note he died a few months after the health minister of his nation told media outlets prevention is more important when it comes to dealing with c0vid. He also mentioned more than 95% of the patients recover from the illness as a supporting statement. About a month after the death of Burundi’s President their government put out a statement (as expected) saying they will now accept vaxxines from foreign nations.

Our next and most blatant assassination will be Jovenel Moise (former Haitian President) you should note he died a few months after his country rejected a shipment of 750K vaxxines. Mr. Moise made it clear that his country wouldn’t accept the vaxxines until they were able to properly store and preserve them which they weren’t at the time. During the first year of battling c0vid an article questioning why c0vid numbers are low in Haiti was released and “Health experts” couldn’t figure out why. This makes me believe vaxxinations were even more unnecessary for the country and their leader was killed because of his rejection. Regardless shortly after his death Haiti received their first shipment of 500K vaxxines and the rest is history.

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