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In 2018 the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged $4.1 Million to a British biotech company named Oxitec. In 2020 the Gates Foundation also awarded the company with $5 Million. Together the 2 came up with a plan to release 750 million genetically altered mosquitoes. The alleged purpose of the mosquitoes is to kill off the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes which can spread diseases like dengue and malaria.

3 months after Oxitec released their genetically modified mosquitoes news came out that 13 states detected mosquitos carrying the West Nile Virus. The states are Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, North Dakota, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Idaho, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New York and Texas. Another 2 months went by and the West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes were detected as far as Atlanta, Georgia.

Now one can only hope the genetically modified mosquitoes isn’t the cause for this West Nile Virus disaster but how would we know? It’s not wrong for suspecting they are the cause for the disaster simply because of The Gates history with the virus itself. Sadly even with the virus spreading Oxitec was able to get EPA approval for the genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in California.

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