Saving A Sinking Ship

In Florida there are a few cities that are at extreme risk of being underwater in the years to come due to climate change and the Atlantic Ocean sea level rising. This didn’t stop cities from approving permits for elegant skyscrapers and banks from financing waves of new construction on marsh land. Since 1993 the Atlantic Ocean sea level rose 5 inches, for example that would be the height of an iPhone 6. Marsh terrain and the rising sea level could lead to a bunch of problems including structural damage. The sea level is projected to rise another 6 inches by 2030., this would affect more than 800,000 residents with about $413 Billion of property at risk.

In June 2020 the US Army Corps of Engineers put together a $4.6 Billion plan to protect the city of Miami from rising sea levels and tropical storms. The plan included a 13 foot floodwall which wasn’t expected to be liked by the city residents due to the beautiful views and beachfronts being affected. Whether or not the plan would be accepted by the city and carried out wasn’t announced, but a year later in July 2021 the city of Miami gave residents an update on the future of the city by revealing their 40 year $3.8 Billion plan to combat rising sea levels and tropical storms. The plan includes adjusting existing infrastructure, barriers, water management systems, raising existing electrical equipment, and additional ground clearance.

Porsche Tower in Sunny Isles, FL

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