A List Of Black Inventors

In this post Black Inventors are listed.

  • Lonnie Johnson: NASA engineer, invented the Super Soaker.
Lonnie Johnson
Lonnie Johnson

  • Edmond Albius: 12 year old slave invented the technique that made the vanilla industry possible by revolutionizing the cultivation of vanilla. He made it possible for us to enjoy treats like Vanilla Ice Cream.
Edmond Albius
Edmond Albius

  • George Crum: invented Potato chips. Thanks to him, our mindless television watching became a bit more delicious.
George Crum

  • George Washington Carver: overcame slavery to achieve fame as a scientist, botanist, and educator. He invented over 300 uses for peanuts.
George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver

  • Anna M. Mangin: invented the pastry fork in 1891.
Anna M. Mangin

  • Mary Beatrice Kenner: invented the sanitary belt which is the forerunner of sanitary pads. Her creation was considered to be the first form of modern menstruation protection.
Mary Beatrice Kenner
Sanitary Belts

  • Joseph H. Smith: invented the Lawn sprinkler.

  • Garrett T Morgan: invented the Gas Mask.
Garrett T Morgan

  • Matthew A. Cherry: invented the tricycle. Years later it has evolved into a very useful mode of transportation.
Matthew A. Cherry & Tricycle

  • Richard Spikes: invented the automatic gear shift and the automatic brake system.
Richard Spikes & Automatic Gear

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