What Happened To The Flu?

The flu disappeared once covid came…. The covid-19 virus is simply the flu/common cold on steroids. We the people are too dumb to see this. In result we submit to Babylon due to us being “afraid” along with our lives being inconvenienced with mandates. In my opinion if you eat McDonalds or fast food religiously & live a unhealthy life it’s no way you’re afraid to die.

According to the CDC data about 2,000 flu cases have been recorded oppose to the average number of 206,000 cases that have been reported during the same time over the years. They (the government) believe we the people are stupid enough to believe the flu dissapeared during the pandemic and unfortunately there’s people that actually believe this. Another thing they (the government) want people to believe is the previous season was affected or cut short due to covid-19. Common sense isn’t common so I don’t expect everyone to understand the point of these graphs and numbers but all I can say is be safe tho.

Fact Check:

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