Kids In Cages

Throughout 2020 most US news corporations highlighted the large number of immigrants including children being held in cages at the southern border. At the time Donald Trump was president and was considered a bad person because of the situation to some. But most people aren’t aware of the Obama administration building the cages due to a influx of unaccompanied minors being detained at the US southern border. News corporations covered the illegal immigrant crisis and request for emergency funds completely different under both administrations.

During the fiscal year of 2014 while Obama was in office 52,000+ unaccompanied minors was detained at the US southern border. In result the administration asked congress for more than $2 Billion to help with the overflow of facilities and other issues. The Trump administration did something similar when their request for $4.5 billion was sent to congress in 2019. During 2020 kids in cages were used to fuel rage or hatred towards Trump & painted Biden as the only person that would be able to fix the issue with the next election approaching.

After President Biden took office kids in cages became children in migrant facilities and still are being held at the southern border but this information isn’t broadcasted to the nation at an alarming rate. Early 2021 the Biden administration reopened a trump era migrant facility for children because of an influx of immigrants. Without the TV and media outlets telling people to care or be upset about the current conditions of the southern border majority of the population no longer care about kids in cages.

Readers should note after a 1997 court-ordered settlement called the Flores agreement immigrant children cannot be held too long at the southern border.

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