What Really Happened: The Titanic Story

Please note this story is based on events that allegedly took place. The soci3ty of J3sus aka J3suits have been trying to rule the world since the beginning of their time. They poison and carry out public assassinations on anyone blocking this path. This post is to highlight their involvement with the sinking of the Titanic. Many may wonder why would a group of super religious people do such a thing. The answer is money, world domination and greed. If you are unfamiliar with the J3suits feel free to read one of our posts to help you learn more about them.

White Star Line was the company that built and operated the Titanic. This company was owned by JP Morgan who is also a J3suit. Sea Captain Edward John Smith was a J3suit that started his career with White Star Line in 1880 and had tons of experience with ships dating back to his teenage years. The Titanic was a trip for wealthy individuals including some of the world’s most richest people and leaders planned by the J3suits. A few known names of these wealthy passengers are Mr Isidor Straus, John Jacob Astor, and Benjamin Guggenheim. Surprisingly there’s a list of 55 lucky scheduled passengers that cancelled their trip at the last minute. A few known names on the cancellation list are JP Morgan, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, and Milton Hershey. The ship transported expensive art, vehicles + more. Even with absent owners some of these possessions were loaded onto the ship but JP Morgan cancelled his art shipment.

There was around 8 telegrams warning the veteran sea captain to slow down during his approach near a known area for large icebergs but he ignored all 8 warnings. The end goal was to sabotage the trip and sink the ship by any means necessary due to a list of passengers opposing what we call the Federal Reserve today. At the time A central bank of the United States didn’t exist and most weren’t pleased with the plan to make this private bank ran by J3suits the central bank of the US. Before the ship sank it made a stop and picked up a photographer named Francis Browne who is also a J3suit. His job was to take pictures of all the wealthy individuals in 1st class that were about to die for the p0pe to see. Francis Browne left the Titanic with these pictures for the p0pe during a stop in Queenstown before the ship made the final trip.

The last set of clues showing how the Titanic’s trip was sabotaged are the orders from officer William Murdoch to reverse the engines in efforts to slow down the ship. Most say the ship could’ve been saved if the engines were shut off instead of reversed. Someone also replaced the emergency flares (red) with the wrong flares (white), the amount of lifeboats on board (half) was wrong as well. After the ship sank in 1912 the J3suits successfully delivered their powerful message to show people they must comply and serve the J3suits or face death. The 16th amendment was passed in 1913 shortly after this tragedy. This amendment gave the g0vernment permission to lay and collect taxes on income. The Federal Reserve was also established during 1913 and is used to fund every war still to this day. In the end the J3suits came out on top and was able to carry out their elaborate plan without facing any consequences. In fact Bruce Ismay caught all the blame but never faced jail time.

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