What Really Happened: The 1929 Crash & The Great Depression

Please note this story is based on events that allegedly took place. This story begins with Mussolini being pressed (by j3esuits) into giving reparations to the p0pe and cath0lic church. The church received 109 acres of valuable land in Rome to create a new state which would be under their control. With this land they were allowed to claim cath0lic faith as the state religion, control marriage, have their own army, police force, post office, and train station. The land is where the v4tic4n is currently located. The church also received $40.7 Billion USD and the j3suits began planning their next big scheme shortly after. If you are unfamiliar with the j3suits feel free to read one of our posts to help you learn more about them.

In 1929 the j3suits crashed the US stock market which caused absolute chaos. This led to the great depression that lasted for a decade (1929-1939). Billions of dollars was lost, half of America’s banks failed and over 15 Million people was unemployed (30% of the workforce). While companies and citizens were panicking the j3suits took full advantage of the crash and infiltrated companies by taking over board seats to manipulate and make decisions + more. They invested big with manpower and capital in pretty much everything using the money ($40.7 B) Mussolini gave them.

In the US a state of emergency went into effect in 1933. The emergency was supposedly for public good and would stay in effect until it is canceled by a president. Surprisingly this state of emergency is still in effect today being as though it was never canceled by a president. While in effect the emergency give permission to 470 provisions to Federal Law in the US. These laws affect the lives of americans in many ways for good and bad. It’s hard to find much information on this state of emergency but there’s hard evidence of it existing due to the supreme court discussing the content of the emergerncy in 1973. This report is called the 93-549 senate report. The report reveals former state of emergencies issued by president Roosevelt, Truman, and Nixon. Many misunderstood the emergency termination act of 1974 and believed that ended the state of emergency but in reality it didn’t.

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