How Masks Affect The Development Of Children

Requiring children to wear a mask is wrong in many ways and by doing such we are failing the youth. This issue should’ve been addressed by we the people in large numbers when it became the ” New Norm” in 2020. The choice of wearing a mask should never be removed just like the medical decision of getting vaccinated. If the general population cannot come together today and agree masks should be optional then more children (up to 18yrs old) will suffer. Surprisingly A few governors and mayors banned mask mandates in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Utah.

Young children develop skills like comminication, guaging emotions, safety and more during their childhood. Facial expressions are a key part of child development. Making kids wear masks for 7hrs/day 5 days/week is doing nothing but hurting their development. People like Dr. Hugh Bases of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone Health believe children can recover from whatever impact the masks have on them. Some experts deny any negative effect from children wearing masks while others do acknowledge short-term effects. Regardless most experts fully believe children will be able to adapt to the challenges. Their solution for the challenges is parents talking to their children everyday in the morning, during playtime, baths, meals and evening after school. As most adults seem to not remember their elementary years of school it is important to consider the amount of skills that are enhanced during that time. These skills help children mature for the next stages of life. The children that don’t adapt to the challenges won’t be able to comprehend life as well as their peers which then becomes a safety hazard. They will also require all the care they can get from parents/teachers and may fall further behind if they aren’t given the care needed.

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