How The City Of Philadelphia Failed The Youth

The City Of Philadelphia is a prime example of how a beautiful city can become a dark place with the wrong leaders. In 2012 the city acknowledged the terrible job deteriorating schools were doing & blamed the lack of funding. During that same year (2012) they found $110 Million to build a juvenile detention center. Then told residents they were doing everything they can to fix the broken school district. After building a $110 Million Juvenile detention center they closed 30 schools because well they said they couldn’t afford to keep them open. A total of 17,000 kids were affected by this. All the schools closed was in poor neighborhoods and this move allegedly saved the school district $24M/yr. The schools in the middle class neighborhoods remained opened. The city set these kids up for nothing but failure with by using the blueprint for the School To Prison Pipeline. What happened to the 30 schools the City Of Philadelphia closed? They were sold to developers & in result gentrification went into full effect. Some schools became bars for white people to hang out & some were turned into “luxury apartments/lofts”. Why does any of this matter? Currently the city is witnessing the result of not investing in the youth. There aren’t many after school programs, recreation centers or programs for these kids to go to. While parents are at work who raise these kids? THE INTERNET & THE STREETS. The city said they don’t have any money then cut pretty much all of the music programs & other extra curricular activities in the school district (2012). But I found it very funny because the city give a 10yr tax abatement to developers with new construction. If the city really cared they wouldn’t let new york investors come here & build overpriced homes/apartments then get a tax break for 10yrs. That’s a lot of money left on the table that could go towards something like our broken school district. Then there’s the terrible crime & murder rate…. I don’t have all the answers & I don’t know everything but what I do know is the programs they give $155M to is not doing shit.

Current Status Of Shuttered Schools (not all)

School NameSchool AddressOwner NameSchool Use
Bok Technical1901 S. 9th St.ScoutMixed-use space
Abagail Vare1619 E. Moyamensing Ave.The Concordia GroupResidential
Fulton Elementary 60 E. Haines St.56 E. Haines St. Investment PartnersVacant
Germantown High40 E. High St.Jack AzranVacant
Walter G. Smith Elementary1900 Wharton St.OCF RealtyResidential development under construction
Charles Carroll High2700 E Auburn St.Hightop Real Estate and DevelopmentResidential development under construction
Sheridan West Academy3701 Frankford Ave.Archer Property DevelopmentVacant
John Greenleaf Whittier 3001 N. 27th St.Tran Chinh VanOperating as car lot
Roberts Vaux Promise Academy2300 W. Master St.Philadelphia Housing AuthorityOpen (Big Picture Philadelphia School)
West Philadelphia High220 S 47th St.Strong Place PartnersResidential
Gen. John F. Reynolds1429 N 24th St.Philadelphia Housing AuthorityVacant
Stephen A. Douglas High2700 E. Huntingdon St.Maritime CharterOpen (Maritime Charter School)
Shaw Anna H. Middle5400 Warrington Ave.Mastery Charter NetworkOpen (Mastery Charter Network)
Joseph Leidy Elementary1301 Belmont Ave.Belmont Charter NetworkOpen (Belmont Charter Network)
Leslie P. Hill Elementary3133 Ridge Ave.Philadelphia School District Educational Space
Fairhill Elementary601 West Somerset St.Philadelphia School District Vacant
Communications Technology HS8110 Lyons Ave.Philadelphia School District Vacant
George Wharton Pepper Middle2901 S. 84th St.Philadelphia School District Vacant
Anna B. Pratt Elementary2200 N. 22nd St.Philadelphia School District Open (Great Philly Schools Early Childhood)
Joseph C. Ferguson2000 N. 7th St.Philadelphia School District Open (U-School)
John L. Kinsey6501 Limekiln PikePhiladelphia School District Open (Building 21)
Alexander Wilson1300 S. 46th St.University of the SciencesDemolished for residential hall
University City High3601 Filbert St.Drexel University & Wexford ScienceDemolished for Ucity Square development

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