Is Sexual Abuse A Part Of Scout’s Honor?

In this post you’ll find information regarding sexual abuse reported within the Boy Scouts Organization and an ongoing battle for settlement. For years there were speculations about the safety of boy/girl scouts in the US. Concerns of abuse was always downplayed by former and current members or supporters. These supporters wanted the general public to trust adults they don’t know much about with their children in the woods, on trips + more. This trust would eventually run out when sexual abuse claims against the Boy Scouts Organization became public on a large scale. As of 2022 there are 82,000 victims with 92,700 claims of sexual abuse on file. The claims were reported before the Boy Scouts Organization filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 2020. Many believe the organization did this as an attempt to block victims from getting any money for their trauma. Although this case doesn’t come close to the amount of victims (330,000) abused within The Roman Catholic Church this child sexual abuse case is the largest case in US history. The sexual abuse within The Roman Catholic Church was covered in a recent post feel free to check it out here. In December 2021 boy scout victims were given a dealine to vote on a $2.7B settlement from the organization. This settlement would include $30M from the United Methodist Church, $787M from The Hartford and $250M from The Mormons. Some boy scout chapters sold property and other assets to contribute to the settlement fund. This settlement wouldn’t be the first sexual abuse settlement from the Boy Scouts Organization and most likely won’t be the last. With this $2.7B settlement the payout would be $31,600 per victim which in my opinion is NOT ENOUGH. The results from the voting process was released in January 2022 and showed that the settlement received a 73% approval. This 73% is less than the 75% needed in order for the case to be settled. Hopefully one day justice will be served and the victims will be properly compensated for their emotional and physical damage from abusers within the Boy Scouts Organization. There’s case info below found with extensive research providing a case number so readers can keep up with the case if interested.

Case Info

Boy Scouts of America, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Delaware, No. 20-10343.

Northern New Jersey Council

  • Area: Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Essex counties
  • Youths served: 14,000
  • Abuse cases filed: 525
  • Total assets: $11,114,215
  • Contribution proposed: $3,064,566

Garden State Council

  • Area: Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem and parts of Atlantic counties
  • Youths served: 12,500
  • Abuse cases filed: 263
  • Total assets: $13,424,115
  • Contribution proposed: $3,890,626 ($1,772,189 from property)

Patriots’ Path Council

  • Area: Morris, Sussex, Somerset, Union and Middlesex counties
  • Youths served: 15,000
  • Abuse cases filed: 229
  • Total assets: $15,680,767
  • Contribution proposed: $3,704,240 ($1,804,199 from property)

Monmouth Council

  • Area: Monmouth, part of Middlesex counties
  • Youths served: 7,000
  • Abuse cases filed: 109
  • Total assets: $12,660,150
  • Contribution proposed: $3,710,811 ($1,990,811 from property)

Jersey Shore Council

  • Area: Ocean and Atlantic Counties, part of Burlington and Cape May Counties
  • Youths served: 6,000
  • Abuse cases filed: 109
  • Total assets: $2,913,739
  • Contribution proposed: $386,141

Minsi Council

  • Area: Pennsylvania council serves Warren County in New Jersey
  • Youths served: 9,400
  • Abuse cases filed: 114
  • Total assets: $16,747,032
  • Contribution proposed: $2,580,916

Washington Crossing Council

  • Area: Pennsylvania council serves Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset counties in New Jersey
  • Youths served: 8,500
  • Abuse cases filed: 79
  • Total assets: $6,453,392
  • Contribution proposed: $1,390,180

Source: Sept. 30, 2021, Amended Disclosure Statement for the Modified Fifth Amended Chapter 11 Plan for Reorganization for Boy Scouts of America

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