How Congress Members Use Taxpayer Dollars For Hush Money

The Congressional Accountability Act is an act from 1995 which requires Congress and legislative branch entities to use the same safety laws or procedures applied to private businesses. These procedures include counseling and mediation for legal disputes such as sexual harrassment claims. When the act was signed into law a branch called the OOC (Office Of Compliance) was created. This branch is responsible for enforcing workplace and public laws for members of congress, legislative branch employees and other high rank officials. If you ask the average tax paying american about the Congressional Accountability Act they will tell you they have no idea what that is. Cases are settled quietly to protect the image of high rank officials and the US Government. When cases are settled victims aren’t allowed to disclose information about the case or the individuals involved. This would let abusers walk free with a clean slate and remain a danger to society as they may commit the same offenses again. Between 1997-2017 the OOC recorded more than $17M in payouts for 260 settlements. All settlements handled by the OOC are withdrawn from an account held with the United States Department Of Treasury. The same United States Department Of Treasury taxpayers fund. As stated in another post Taxes = Theft and was introduced to americans as temporary. If you are unfamiliar with this story feel free to check it out here. Taxpayers should never be responsible for eating the bill from sexual assualt claims against members of congress and more. These people should be forced to settle their claims with their own money. What makes it worse is the names of the congress members involved are rarely revealed and the settlements stay under the radar unless information is leaked. In 2017 $84,000 was given to a sexual assault victim for a claim against former Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold. He stepped down from his position shortly after. During that same year $100,000 was given to a woman due to California Rep. Steve Fox exposing himself to her and firing her for reporting it. Things like this would make Detroit Rep. John Conyers Jr. feel comfortable using his office account for a $27,000 settlement to a former staff member. This will continue until enough people voice their opinion on how their funds are being used to protect members of congress. Taxpayers should be given a refund for the irresponsible use of their funds and this act should be terminated immediately.

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