Why Transgenders Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Compete In Women’s Sports

Since 2021 transgender swimmer Lia Thomas formaly known as William Thomas have been in the middle of debates about whether or not transgenders should be able to compete in women’s sports. During Feb. 2022 16 members of the University of Pennsylvania swimming team wrote a letter to Ivy League officials stating the trans swimmer should not be able to compete. William ranked #462 in the United States while competing as a male for the University of Pennsylvania for three years. After the sex change william ranked #1 in the United States and broke numerours records. In one competition Lia finished almost one minute before her second-place teammate. Around the same time the letter was sent the United States released a new policy requiring their olympic swimmers to submit testosterone results 36 months before competitions. USA swimming also said the policy was released to acknowledge the competitive advantage transgender swimmers have when competing with women.

Transgender swimmer breaking records at UPenn.

By allowing transgenders to compete in women’s sports we the people are failing the youth in many ways. Transgenders have a huge advantage over biological females while competing. As biological males they are born with larger hearts, increased bone + muscle density, larger lung capacity, higher blood cell count and more. These advantages would help transgenders dominate because of the strength, speed and stamina needed while competing. According to Associated Press transgender adults are a small portion of the US population (1.3M as of 2016). Their life will always matter but making decisions to cater to their feelings will do nothing but hurt future generations if we aren’t careful. More children are coming out as trans right now than ever before. This is 100% apart of the forced LGBTQXYZ+* agenda. When the LGBTCXYZ+* mafia are involved with pretty much anything if you CHOOSE not to agree it’ll be considered discrimination. This creates a slippery slope for them to do whatever they want including project sexuality onto the children of our future.

Laws shouldn’t have to be created to block transgenders from competing in women’s sports. The general population should be able to agree on this without government assistance. But because of things like transgenders finishing in first and second place in competitions these laws are needed. In Jan. 2022. trans UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas finished in first place and Yale trans swimmer Iszac Henig finished in second place. If we the people let this continue women’s sports will be dominated by transgenders and that will be a complete disaster. To help us fight the battle of banning trangenders from competing in women’s sports feel free to sign our petition here. As of February 2022 South Dakota became the 10th state to ban transgenders from competing in women’s sports. The other states are Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, West Virginia and Tennessee.

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