How The [Redacted] Run Everything

In this post the Jewish control of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the big transactions made by them are highlighted. The quickest way to be successful in life is by having faith in the God you serve and using group economics. With strong capital and strength in numbers the possibilities are endless. This is why I’m not upset with the tactics used by the Jewish community to dominate the world. They work together and take care of their people first like every community should. The only unfair thing about the Jewish domination is the fact that you can’t talk about their activity without being considered anti-semitic. So if they continue to use group economics to create generational wealth that’s protected by anti-semitism we the people will forever be screwed until we act accordingly.

Jewish control of the banks date back to 1793 when the Bank of New York was founded by Isaac Moses, Soloman Simpson, Davis levy and Benjamin Seixas. Although there isn’t many Jewish bank CEO’s there’s a large amount of them on the board of directors. These positions ultimately have more control of any company compared to the power held of people in other positions. 60% of the Wall Street firms and private equity funds in the US are controlled by Jewish people. Wall Street entities like the National Futures Association (NFA), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) are also controlled by nothing but Jews. The Federal Reserve (private bank) is also controlled by Jews and have been since 1913 when the Titanic sank. This was all apart of the plan which was explained in another post. You can read it here.

The Federal Reserve board have four Jews out of only seven seats on the board which is a clear example of having control with strength in numbers. The four Jews on the board are Ben Bernanke (Chairman), Janet Yellen (Vice Chairman that was nominated by Obama to replace Bernanke who is also Jewish in October of 2013), Jeremy Stein and Sarah Bloom. Five out of twelve Federal Reserve Banks are also ran by Jews. The individuals are Eric Rosengren (Boston), Richard Fisher (Dallas), Charles Plosser (Philadelphia), Jeffrey Lacker (Richmond) and William Dudley (New York). In 2016 while Obama was in office the Secretary of Treasury was Jewish along with former White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew who replaced Timothy Geithner who was also Jewish. Lastly

Let’s use Jay-Z as an example. In his song “The Story of O.J” he mentioned Jewish people owning all the property in America and he faced a lot of backlash for his comments. Articles from the Rolling Stone, ADL (anti-defamation league), Billboard, The Guardian and Times of Israel were published immediately. His exact words was “You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit/You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it.”. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with what he said but to prove my point you can’t say anything about the Jews and their activity or else. In that same song Jay-Z exaggerated a few stereotypes of Black people which wasn’t a problem but the song became a problem because the Jews was mentioned. Some jews agreed it wasn’t anything wrong with what he said while others remained upset. There’s a instagram post below from a Jewish individual who’s also friends with Jay-Z that defended his comments by saying “If you had to pick a community as an example of making wise financial decisions achieving financial freedom who would you choose?.. Im not offended by these lyrics.. I hear them the way he inteded them to be heard.”.

The chart below show 24 large Jewish real estate transactions. These purchases are significant because of the location of the properties, amount of units + more. It’s pretty simple but some people still struggle with understanding if most of the property in a specific area is owned by that same community then that would make it easier to control.

PriceUnitsProperty Address
$6.5M20175, 177, 179 Hopkins Street (NY)
$8.6MX11 & 13 Old Fulton St. (NY)
$20M905825 queens Blvd (NY)
$76M394 + 5 Retail Spaces381 & 390 Hooper St + more
(13 property portfolio in NY)
$40MX801 Southern Blvd + more
(12 property portfolio in NY)
$10.5M7290-16 171st Street + more
(3 property portfolio in NY)
$3.8MX(4 property portfolio in NY)
$8.6M64547 East 168th Street (NY)
$4.5MX1299 Ocean Ave (NY)
$12.7MRetail Space272 Livingston Street (NY)
$30MOffice & Retail Space448 Broadway Street + more (2 unit portfolio in NY)
$110MX257 Gold Street (NY)
$64MRetail SpaceJamaica, NY
$3.7M196647 Bergen Place (NY)
$87M2402218-2230 Cropsey Ave (NY)
$43.5M3752909 Campbellton Rd (ATL)
$11.8M1211847 Babcock Road (San Antonio)
$3.9M1902-8 Ogden Street
$54M461(461 property portfolio in Baltimore)
$2.3M12175 Congress Street (NJ)
$13.5MX257 Water Street (NY)
$105M9022909 Campbellton Road + more
(3 property portfolio in ATL)
$40.5MNursing Home650 Edison Ave
$42M198195 Prospect Street + more
(4 property portfolio in NJ)
Jewish Real Estate Transactions

{The image used for this post is from “The Way Of The Red Sea Is A Way Of Blood,” 1944 Italian poster.}

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