Free Crack Pipes From The Biden Administration

During Black History Month (2022) news broke about the Biden Administration funding a harm reduction program with taxpayers dollars to advance racial equity. Yes you read that right… Free crack pipes to black people during Black History Month to advance racial equity. This administration should change their plan name to Build Crack Better instead of Build Back Better. The purpose of the Harm Reduction grant program is to reduce the risk of infection while smoking crack, crystal meth and other drugs. Until 2024 SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) will distribute $10M per year. The organizations that apply for the program and are selected will be given incentives for distributing smoking kits. These kits include a glass stem, meth pipe, plastic mouth piece, pipe screens, wooden push sticks, vaseline, folls and alcohol swabs. According to “Fact Checkers” this news is fake but I retrieved this information from the harm reduction program documents and organizations distributing the kits. Surprisingly a catholic church in Los Angeles is on the list of organizations that’s distributing kits and this behavior doesn’t seem to be within religious beliefs. How can you praise the lord while doing evil deeds like distributing crack pipes and other drug related tools? There’s a video below showing what the smoking kits look like and what they contain.

This is a clear example of the government attempting to hold the black community back even more. In the future rehab centers will be overflowing and the government will step in and build their own facilities to “help” the general population fight addiction. Many forget the CIA and Ronald Reagan distributed crack in low income neighborhoods that were mostly black during the 80s. This program is nothing but a tool to keep drug addicts using drugs because its better to keep people on drugs instead of getting them to stop. Right? During the 80s there were tons of families and homes destroyed due to drug abuse and the government clearly want it to continue. It’s almost impossible to reduce the harm associated with using hard drugs and wasting taxpayers dollars to do such should make taxpayers upset. After all this wouldn’t be the first time taxpayers dollars is wasted by the US government. I strongly believe the funds used for this harm reduction program could’ve went to HBCU’s. During October 2021 news broke about the Biden Administration cutting HBCU funding from $30B to $2B which again was considered “Fake News” by fact checkers but the news isn’t fake at all. The only time fact checkers will admit that something is true is if it align with whatever agenda is brewing. After thinking about the last couple of years Obama gave us phones, Trump gave us SBA+PPP and Biden gave us crack pipes. You have to love the effort from every president to tackle racial equity.

Fact Check:

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