Black Lives Matter Or B*tches Laundering Money?

With this post I’m not even sure where I should begin… Black Lives Matter or BLM aka b*tches laundering money or whatever you want to call them are almost bigger frauds than the Clinton Foundation, Red Cross + more. Before I continue I would like to help identify the difference between the hundreds of Black Lives Matter organizations that exist. The main organization is The Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN) then there’s the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) which is a different chapter under the main chapter. After those 2 you have The Black Lives Matter Foundation (A California-based nonprofit) and BLM Grassroot organizations including BLM10. Surprisingly money from donors have been sent to The Black Lives Matter Foundation who have no affiliation with the main Black Lives Matter (Black Lives Matter Global Network). They received around $4.3M from donors through Benevity. These donors consist of employees from 200 companies. Benevity froze the funds and refused to release them after they attempted to verify The Black Lives Matter Foundation (A California-based nonprofit) and learned they had no affiliation with the main organization.

During the year of 2020 alone the main organization Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN) received more than $90M in donations. The organization ended the fiscal year with $60M+ in their accounts after paying expenses ($8.4M) and giving $21.7M to 30 groups via grants. The 30 groups could easily have ties to co-founders and other people within the BLMGN. The $8.4M expenses allegedly include salaries, operating costs + more. I also think it’s important to highlight the fact that 23/30 groups that received money are LGBTQXYZ+* organizations and the BLMGN is funded by G3org3 S0r0s but anyway let’s continue. BLM was formed in 2013 after the death of Trayvon Martin. Two years later a few chapters under the BLM umbrella was also established including the BLM10 (Black Lives Matter Philly, Black Lives Matter 5280, Black Lives Matter Hudson Valley, Black Lives Matter Oklahoma City, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Black Lives Matter New Jersey, Black Lives Matter DC, Black Lives Matter Indy, Black Lives Matter San Diego & Black Lives Matter Vancouver). The BLM10 accused the Black Lives Matter Foundation of misusing funds and neglecting the sister chapters in a public statement that can be read here. The statement also mention that chapters haven’t received any funds since the Black Lives Matter Foundation was formed in 2013 until 2020 when a few chapters was selected for $500,000 through a grant. There’s records showing that a few chapters received multiple payments from $800-$69,000 as early as 2016. After further research I learned that the Denver chapter of the BLM10 groups was the only chapter that actually signed a multi-year agreement and received a portion of the $500,000 grant. Regardless those payments aren’t near the heavy $90M donated to the organization in 2020 alone. Those donations came from corporations and citizens from the US, United Kingdom, Germany, India, France, Brazil +more.

All the Black Lives Matter Global Network did was accept hard earned money from people in the name of helping black people and fighting police brutality. The deaths of Black men and Women were taken advantage of by this organization and they should have their funds seized then distributed to groups selected by the general population. There’s no telling what funds are being used for while the organization isn’t required to reveal that information with the public. What make things worse is the fact that the Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN) didn’t have anyone running the organization and their finances for a few months after co-founder Patrisse Cullors stepped down from the executive director position in May 2021. After Patrisse stepped down the organization released a statement revealing the new people in charge that can be read here. The resignation came after Patrisse made headlines in April 2021 after purchasing homes in the US for $3.2M. The news caused the organization to publicly defend Patrisse in a series of tweets which can be read by clicking the main tweet below. They claim discussing the public information of where Patrisse lives is a threat to her and her family and she doesn’t receive a salary for her role at BLMGN. A few months later (Sep. 2021) 2 of the people that was named in the BLMGN May 2021 statement put out their own saying they no longer have ties to the Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN) and they never accepted the positions mentioned in the May 2021 statement by the BLMGN. There’s also a tweet explaining more from one of the women that can be read below. The current address on BLMGN tax documents are also wrong so that leads to the million dollar question….. Exactly who is in charge of the BLMGN and their finances? The only names that can be found are Shalomyah Bowers and Raymond Howard. Both individuals refuse to speak with reporters about the BLMGN/BLMGNF finances and operation but no worries because that’s completely normal. Right?

BLM defending Patrisse
Statement from Makani Themba regarding her ties to BLM

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