How 1 In 3 Kids Will Have Autism By 2035

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Mounting evidence shows that a single chemical is to blame for a rise in the prevalence of Autism and other illnesses. If you have or know someone suffering from the following conditions then this post will be very helpful: Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Thyroid Cancer, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. Despite being labeled a known carcinogen we still use it. A lot of it. Globally we spray 4.5 billion pounds of it on or crops and food per year even after the World Health Organization labeled it a “probable carcinogen” in 2015. So what gives? The “it” I am referring to is a chemical known as glyphosate widely known as RoundUp. Now the health implications of RoundUp in people, pigs, bees, mice, plants, and everything under the sun, is more clearly negative by the day – few people are doing anything about it. Why? Well several reasons. To start glyphosate is used, owned, and profited on by some of the largest corporations out there. The money they leverage to manipulate via marketing and protect via litigation is remarkable. Unfortunately now it appears as though our food system is completely reliant on the chemical as well. Outside of organic farmers “100% of farmers” are expected to use glyphosate in some form. If governments banned it altogether we may see large-scale food shortages. And so the governments choose to play dumb and look the other way. They have off-loaded the responsibility to the consumer who effectively can’t help but come into contact with this stuff cause it’s everywhere which inevitably means they become sick from it.

Here is where things get sticky. What if I told you the same company that patented and created glyphosate in 1970, Monsanto, is owned by the pharmaceutical company responsible for providing you medicine when you are sick. With our food system completely reliant on glyphosate’s existence and a rising epidemic of illnesses occurring because of glyphosate… It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize why Bayer, one of the largest Big Pharma companies, bought Monsanto for $63bn in 2018. It effectively makes them quietly responsible for the reason you become ill and heroic for the reason you “get better”. Although little do you know you are stuck in their trap. Let’s dig in to this one a bit more.

HEALTH CRISIS (1990-Today)

In the 90s Americans and others saw a sharp rise in chronic diseases and disorders: cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, to name a few. The list of illnesses seemingly spiked overnight and in unison – doctors were stunned yet no one had answers. The prevalence of public health problems in children was and is still equally concerning: 1 in 8 with ADHD, 1 in 4 with Allergies, 1 in 3 with Anxiety, 1 in 2 with Sleep Disorders, and the list goes on. A particularly troubling topic is the rise in Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) in the same time period. Recent data suggests the spike in Autism, chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders weren’t random – duh – but rather caused by a single common denominator, our good friend glyphosate.


A 2014 study showed the correlation of many of these diseases with the use of glyphosate and the results are staggering.

Disease #1: Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis


Disease #2: Alzheimer’s Disease

Disease #3: Thyroid Cancer


Disease #4: Dimentia



Glyphosate has been linked to many of these major illnesses and people who have been exposed to it the most continue to show up ill. Farmers Lymphoma has become a common illness and people like Dewayne Johnson, who won a landmark verdict against Monsanto, are becoming common. The relationship with glyphosate and human disease manifests in direct and indirect ways but the bottom line is it drives chronic inflammation in the body. The inflammation derives from the gut being sterilized and our food being weakened by glyphosate. Our gut, brain, and other membranes in the body are effectively weakened by glyphosate’s ability to disrupt intercellular tight junctions. This makes the gut, brain, and other membranes in the body more permeable and susceptible to leakage, a precursor to inflammation. The limitations of glyphosate’s effects on the body do not stop there. Since we spray glyphosate on all our food we disrupt one of the most important processes enabled by bacteria: amino acid creation through the shikimate pathway. Since the human body can’t create amino acids we rely on bacteria and plants to form these essential building blocks of our 200,000 proteins. When glyphosate is sprayed on the soil the creation of amino acids is blocked creating incomplete food in our food system.


1/10th of 1% of the glyphosate that is sprayed on crops is actually absorbed and the rest runs off into our groundwater. Because of this nearly 80% of the glyphosate sprayed in the country is collected by the Mississippi River. As glyphosate makes its way through the water system it also evaporated into the air and then rained down again in trace amounts. Roughly 75% of the air and 75% of the rain is contaminated with glyphosate. Over the years several groups have shown concerns about the health effects of glyphosate. A pig farmer in Denmark noticed birth defects in his pigs, A cow farmer in Germany saw a decline in birth rates in his cows, and mothers saw large amounts of glyphosate in breast milk. In all of these cases Monsanto was able to squash the allegations because they paid for the reports saying they are healthy. Although recently they weren’t so lucky, having to pay large settlements with a class-action lawsuit from cancers caused by the chemical. It’s no surprise a large corporation has been able to skirt many claims against its safety particularly because many parties are conflicted. Joachim Rukweid represents the interests of 300k farmers and at the same time represents the lobby association for glyphosate producers. The documentary Poisoned Fields does an excellent job showing how these groups have worked to protect the glyphosate chemical at the expense of the general public.

Monsanto has a riddled past and glyphosate may soon be added to the lists of atrocities the company has helped facilitate from the Atomic Bomb to the half a million birth defects from the usage of Agent Orange. However the story of glyphosate is still being written. A longer version of this post with more details, source links, and a list of things you can actionably do to avoid glyphosate will be released next week on The Meat Mafia website.

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