Are Women Being Misdiagnosed For Harvesting Purposes?

In this post the theory of procurement companies harvesting body parts for the black market + women being misdiagnosed for harvesting purposes will be explained. More than 600,000 hysterectomies are performed each year and 1/3 of them are women under the age of 60. For the most part hysterectomies are unnecessary due to the risks associated with this surgery and the better alternatives available to treat most medical issues. The better alternatives have shorter recovery times and fewer complications oppose to the incontinence and possible loss of physical strength hysterectomies cause. I fully believe that over the years doctors have been pressuring women into getting hysterectomies if they have a cyst or report abdominal cramps. I also fully believe procurement companies are harvesting organs and other body parts for the black market. These companies take advantage of deceased individuals and harvest their organs immediately after death if possible. At times they harvest organs before an autopsy can be performed leaving families clueless about the cause of death for their loved ones. Unfortunately the organs aren’t always used for research + life threatening injuries as promised. The organs of deceased loved ones also end up being used for military blast expiriments and other interesting expiriments. This would be one of the many types of organ harvesting.

While vacationing in India an 8yr old little girl named Gurkiren Kaur was being treated for dehydration and a doctor injected her with an unknown substance. Shortly after the injection Gurkiren died at the state-owned hospital in Punjab. When her body was shipped to the United Kingdom where her parents live they found out her organs were gone. The hospital in Punjab denied all allegations accusing them of removing Gurkirens organs with the intentions of selling them. Instead they claimed her organs were removed for additional investigation into the cause of death. Unfortunately the Punjab hospital never told Gurkiren’s parents what was in the injection. Some people find ways to voluntarily sell their organs in places like China, Afghanistan and India. This isn’t something I would rule out from happening in the United States.

The story of Zaydrian Guerra and Delany Tercero is a great example of organ harvesting. During 2019 A medical examiner in Texas was accused of removing their organs while performing autopsies with intentions on selling them. Dr. Sam Andrews claimed he took an excessive amount of tissue for research purposes but the families of the victims believe otherwise. This incident would be very similar to a few reports of possible organ harvesting in L.A. County. Starting with the existence of organ procurement companies harvesting organs can be legal. In some states like California there are laws passed to help aid these procurement companies obtain the organs of deceased individuals. These laws force coroners and medical examiners to cooperate with procurement companies. Some states have deeper laws that force coroners to delay autopsies until a procurement company retrieve organs from the body. When someone dies unexpectedly a coroner or assigned individuals are responsible for identifying the cause of death. While procurement companies seek and obtain organs at an alarming rate it’s hard for some coroners or assigned individuals to do their job with organs are missing. Some procurement companies are given key cards which gives assigned employees 24/7 access to morgues. In a few states procurement companies are given offices in hospitals and access to government files. The files reveal very useful information about deceased individuals and make it easy to locate candidates for organ harvesting. The procurement companies claim their purpose is to transfer organs to people that are facing life threatening conditions but that’s not true at all because they always take more than the organs. They harvest bone, fat, skin, ligaments, and other body parts that aren’t used for life threatening conditions. The body parts can easily be sold on the black and legal market for large amounts of money. There’s an image below that explains how the industry works.

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