The HEK 293 Theory

In this post the theory of Pepsi using aborted fetus cells in their products will be explained. During 2010 an American biotech company named Senomyx signed a 4yr $30M deal with PepsiCo. This deal gave PepsiCo the rights to Senomyx “flavor ingredients”. The Google patent was issued to Senomyx in 2008 for “Recombining Methods for Expressing a Functional Sweet Taste Receptor” can be read here and here. Unfortunately one of the ingredients Senomyx use for flavor is aborted fetus cells. Instead of blatantly telling people they use cell lines isolated from the kidney of human embryos they say HEK 293. Pepsi’s consumer relations team addressed the allegations and said the company is committed to using “only the highest ethical methods in all aspects of their research and collaboration with Senomyx is to discover novel ingredients that positively impact food flavors, similar to what already is being widely used in foods and beverages today.”. A company claiming they practice the highest ethical methods and operate within all federal guidelines isn’t foreign at all. In fact the University of Pittsburgh said the same thing when they were accused of using aborted fetuses for “research”. During September 2021 a statement was released by the University of Pittsburgh revealing details on an independent investigation. A law firm was hired to investigate whether or not the University of Pittsburgh was operating within all federal guidelines while using fetal tissue cells for research. At one point the University (staff, students and supporters) denied the allegations in general but when the report on the investigation was released they said fetal tissue research plays a role in life-saving discoveries. Scientists in government labs and at major universities secretly used fetal tissue for decades. Fetal cells are allegedly needed in order study eye diseases + diabetes and develop/test vaccines including the polio, chickenpox, shingles, measles, and rabies. The full report on the investigation can be read here.

According to scientists there is no substitute for human fetal tissue cells which is what makes aborted fetuses so important. Because of great excuses like that it’s no surprise media outlets are silent about the University of Pittsburgh’s minority aborted fetus goal. The aborted fetus goal is 50% and unfortunately taxpayers paid $88M for this research. A document showing the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) using taxpayers dollars for research can be read here. What makes this worse is the incentives given to Universities for collecting minority aborted fetuses. When President Biden was elected in 2020 he reversed a Trump policy that limited fetal tissue research. As of right now companies are buying and selling aborted fetuses within a legal gray area. Because of the legal gray area for fetal tissue companies like StemExpress are able to bring in millions of dollars every year. Although the NIH (National Institution of Health) forbid entities from making a profit off aborted fetus transactions I fully believe most of the aborted fetuses end up being used for non medical purposes + more.

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