Assassination By Any Means

The purpose of this post is to inform readers about the assassination of Malcolm X. In 1952 an informant turned over 3 letters from Malcolm to the FBI after Malcolm was released from prison. Because one of the letters stated that Malcolm was a Communist the FBI decided to watch his every move. He was also placed on a few Communist “watchlists” which would keep them busy until his death. Elijah Muhammad was under FBI surveillance for years as well. The FBI made it clear that they had to grow tensions between Malcolm & Elijah in order to disseminate the Nation. To help their plan they sent Malcolm transcripts of Elijah’s extramarital activities. There were rumors of Elijah’s escapades since 1955 but nothing concrete enough to alarm Malcolm. What hurt Malcolm the most & made him speak out was that Sister Evelyn (who Muhammad got pregnant) was a former gf that Malcolm once planned to marry & referred to be his secretary.

“The die is set, & Malcolm shall not escape, especially after such evil foolish talk about his benefactor, Elijah Muhammad. Such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death.” – Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan

The media placed this quote everywhere after the shooting as an attempt to control the message.

”Who Killed Malcolm X?” on Netflix left out too much info. This included the 1958 attempt on Malcolm’s life when NY detectives shot up his office which the city settled in a $24 million lawsuit. Raymond Sharieff sent Malcolm a telegram on December 7th, 1964 stating the NOI will no longer tolerate him scandalizing the name of Muhammad. Muhammad told the Nation that no one was to touch Malcolm but after the assassination he also said Malcolm got what he preached. Another critical piece left out of “Who Killed Malcolm X?” is Malcolm being poisoned by the US Government while visiting Cairo in 1964. He said CIA agents made their presence obvious & that he actually recognized his waiter as someone he saw in NY. He barely survived by a stomach pumping. Malcolm received death threats since turning against the Messenger. Another assassination attempt took place during 1964 when Malcolm’s house was firebombed Yusuf Shah did an interview with Spike Lee and said Muslim zealots did it.

Malcolm’s House

Nicholas Katzenbach (former US Attorney general) admitted in his letters that the US Government attempted to set up Malcolm and they were indeed watching him in Africa. An African diplomat later also said that the French counter espionage department reported that the CIA planned Malcolm’s murder & France barred Malcolm for the first time in fear of getting scapegoated for the assassination.

Nicholas Katzenbach, 1960s Political Shaper, Dies at 90 - The New York Times
Nicholas Katzenbach

The government rented out the Audubon ballroom a week before the assassination. Gene Roberts was a body guard for Malcolm. He claimed that he walked in on an assimilation assassination during that week where they rented the ballroom out. John Ali the top FBI agent in the Nation had met with Thomas Hagan(one of the gunmen) the night before the shooting. Something else that was brought up is that Farrakhan met at the New Jersey Mosque a day before Malcolm was killed, the same mosque of the “shooters”. Farrakhan was allegedly ordered to be there due to the fact that he was rotating as minister between Boston and Newark. Some claim it seems as if he was sent up to take the fall for the murder. After the shooting Roberts’ role on the scene (just like McCullough on MLK) was to check his vitals to make sure he was dead. When the shooting stopped Betty (Malcolm’s wife) who was also a nurse tried to run to him. She struggled as Joan Roberts purposely held her down. FBI informants claim there were up to 5 shooters. Dick Gregory (close friend of Malcolm) stated that the autopsy showed bullets going down Malcolm’s body implying that there were multiple shooters on the balcony but also that there were blanks in Hagans gun. Lastly Leon 4X Ameer (associate of Malcolm) died 24 days after his great friend. The mainstream media said he died of an overdose of sleeping pills but this happened after he announced plans to produce tapes & documents proving the US Government was responsible for the assassination.

During 2021 an informant named Raymond Wood was on his death bed and wrote a confession stating his involvement in the assassination of Malcolm X. He did not want the info presented to the public until he died which was recently. Wood spent 7 years as a plant from 1964-1971. In the genesis of his tenure he attempted to “resign” from his position but was facing marijuana & alcohol trafficking charges so he continued with his position. His mission was to create chaos within multiple civil rights organizations. Specifically with Malcolm he needed to find a way for Walter Bowe and Khaleel Sayyed to commit a crime. They were both key door security for Malcolm X & if they were off duty it would make the assassination plot simpler. He convinced the two to carry out an elaborate with a goal of bombing the Statue of Liberty. Included in that plot was also the Liberty bell and Washington monument. On the 16th of February the group was arrested and this sealed the deal for the plot to kill Malcolm.


{This post was written by Derrick Wilmore Jr.}

Sources: In the Name of Elijah Muhammad, the Judas Factor.

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