The Remixed Gas Theory

The purpose of this post is to inform readers about the sale of “remixed” gasoline being authorized and the theory of this being all a part of the plan to get people into electric vehicles. During April 2022 the Biden Administration authorized the sale of E15 gasoline. This decision stemmed from the pain Americans are/was feeling at the gas station pump.

The current “war” between Ukraine and Russia affected the price of pretty much everything (allegedly). Because of this Americans are/was forced to bare record breaking gas prices. Unfortunately E15 gasoline may be cheaper and provide temporary relief but long term it’s actually terrible for consumers. E15 gasoline also burn quicker than your regular 87, 89 or 93 blend. If the gas is burning quicker than normal then consumers will make trips to the gas station more frequently. At this point the consumer would be spending more while under the assumption they’re saving money. According to AAA E15 gasoline is harmful to vehicles and could cause significant damage. Consider yourself lucky if you drive a 2013+ Ford, 2012+ GM or a 2001+ Porsche because those are the only vehicles that’s safe from E15 damages.

I’m pretty sure the current administration and “experts” are well aware of the damages E15 can cause which is another reason why the sale of E15 was authorized. The components of E15 are fermented corn, wheat, grain sorghum, barley and potatoes. A part of me also believe this specific blend of gas was being given to consumers way before the official statement from the White House. The main goal here is to get Americans into electric vehicles at all costs. The government will act like a solution to consumer pain from high gas prices is being provided but it’s actually making things worse.

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