How The [Redacted] Run Everything PT. 2

The purpose of this post is to highlight the Jewish control of the world we live in + more. This post is the 2nd part of “The [Redacted] Run Everything” series. Part 1 can be read here. The quickest way to be successful in life is by having faith in the God you serve and using group economics. With strong capital and strength in numbers the possibilities are endless. This is why I’m not upset with the tactics used by the Jewish community to dominate the world. They work together and take care of their people first like every community should. The only unfair thing about the Jewish domination is the fact that you can’t talk about their activity without being considered anti-semitic. So if they continue to use group economics to create generational wealth that’s protected by anti-semitism we the people will forever be screwed until we act accordingly. Their media control is used to their advantage and contributes to the lack of coverage on jewish crimes.

Shomrim | Shomrim is a volunteer Jewish civilian patrol. Som… | Flickr

When it comes to jewish privilege it’s very blatant but many don’t see it. Take a look at the Shomrim subdivision within the NYPD. This group is a fraternal organization like the many others that exist throughout the country. Please note the group is also an independent non profit organization. With their ties to the NYPD and government officials the jews use the opportunity to offer bribes (which are successful at times) to get what they want. For example the Alex Lichtenstein case, during April 2022 was charged with attempting to bribe a police officer for gun permits. He was also recorded saying he paid $6,000 per gun permit to someone else in the NYPD. This isn’t surprising at all and definitely believable. Exactly 10 years ago state senator Simcha Felder secured $300,000 for a mobile shomrim command center. This vehicle has a 12 person conference room with advanced communications and technology. Another individual named Mr. Greenfield gave $30,000 to the shomrim and other officials gave them thousands of dollars over the years. With the financial support + backing from politicians the shomrim can boast their privilege and control targeted areas. Starting with their training/recruitment videos it’s pretty clear what they think of the black people they are forced to share space with due to them not being able to physically remove or ban us without repercussions. One of the shomrim training videos strategically shows a black man entering a patrol area and stealing a woman’s purse. Some may say the video is simply a guide for officers to learn how they should respond to crime but I fully believe otherwise.

Mayor Adams at annual NYPD Shomrim dinner

During 2013 a young black man was walking home after a night out. At the time shomrim officers were responding to a call about someone vandalizing vehicles in the area. This led to Taj Patterson being ambushed by a group of officers. During the beating the officers crushed his eye socket, tore his retina and caused permanent blindness in his right eye. The officers left Taj laying on the ground severely injured and continued to patrol the area. When the non-shomrim officers arrived to the scene they learned that the real suspect(s) fled in a vehicle and the aggressors in the incident weren’t present. Afterwards everyone except the victim carried on with their day like nothing happened. A few months later the family of Taj was able to lawyer up and get the 5 shomrim officers that beat Taj repeatedly charged with gang assault, unlawful imprisonment + more. The full list of charges and names of the defendants is listed below.

Defendant Information:

Pinchas Braver         DOB 6/10/94
Mayer Herskovic     DOB 12/2/92
Abraham Winkler    DOB 7/4/74
Joseph Fried             DOB 7/27/88
Aharon Hollander   DOB 12/13/85


  • Gang Assault in the First Degree
  • Gang Assault in the Second Degree
  • Assault in the Second Degree
  • Unlawful Imprisonment in the First Degree
  • Unlawful Imprisonment in the Second Degree
  • Assault in the Third Degree
  • Menacing in the Third Degree

Unfortunately these charges didn’t stick long despite the huge efforts from Kings County District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson. 2 defendants got away free due to witnesses not being able to identify them in a lineup. Shortly after that happened 2 out of 3 men left facing charges was able to work out a deal and plead guilty to the indictment’s lowest charge in exchange for no jail time. The last person facing charges went on trail a few months after that and there isn’t much information about the case. When this incident became semi mainstream news A New Jersey lawyer named Michael Lesher (who is also jewish) found out about the incident and expressed his concern regarding the privilege shomrim subdivisions + how they are using their power to carry out evil deeds. Sadly the incident isn’t foreign to shomrim patrol areas at all. On record incidents like this goes back to the 90’s when a group of shomrim officers brutally beat a black man with their radios and faced absolutely 0 consequences.

Jewish Patrol Group Shomrim Offers Emergency Phones to New York City  Synagogues | Jewish & Israel News

If you spend 10 minutes in Brooklyn you’ll see at least one shomrim vehicle or a private jewish ambulance. Their fleet is deep and they only service jewish people. With that information I can only imagine the amount of private and “public” jewish vehicles that can be found in the new town of Palm Tree, NY aka Kiryas Joel. This town was legally formed during 2019 and is New York’s first new town in almost 40 years. 80% of Orange County voted in favor of this in 2017. It’s safe to say this was another time strength in numbers was used to make something happen. Before Palm Tree, NY was formed it was known to be a village of 20,000+ people. The size of Palm Tree, NY is around 220 acres. Plans for new developments are being announced at an alarming rate to accommodate the growing town of Palm Tree, NY and it’s high birth rate. Earlier this year a new 1,600 unit development was built to house 9,000+ people. Some developments like Acres Enclave will hold 543 condos for 3,000 people. With pressure from the jewish community most of the surrounding towns must meet the demands of Palm Tree, NY residents and offer unlimited access to their water + sewer lines or else.

While passing through a town in upstate NY : r/WTF

The median family income of Palm Tree, NY is $17,929 (lowest in the United States) which is an unbelievable amount. Because of the low income on paper most of the residents qualify for food stamps, rental vouchers, and more. Regardless only half of the residents actually receive government benefits. The average size of households in Palm Tree, NY is 6 (highest in the United States). The low income on paper and political influence is enough to get maternal care centers built in the town with $10M in state and federal funds. In my opinion this is a waste of taxpayers dollars due to abilities of the town and their residents. William B. Helmreich (sociology professor who specializes in Judaic studies at City College of the City University of New York) once said, “I cannot say as a group that they are cheating the system, but I do think that they have, no pun intended, unorthodox methods of getting financial support.”. Because of their tight knit community they can most definitely afford to build their own facilities, after all they managed to form a town on their own. As of right now there’s two well known community owned businesses that generate an undisclosed amount of revenue and one of them is a non-profit organization. Business #1 is a slaughterhouse that process 40,000 chickens per day. Business #2 is a bakery that produce 800 pounds of matzo per day.

Brooklyn Yeshiva ordered to pay $8M over 'pervasive culture of fraud and  greed' - The Jewish Chronicle

If you thought fraud isn’t committed by the jews then you thought wrong. A few days ago a private jewish school in Brooklyn named Central United Talmudical Academy (CUTA) admitted to defrauding the government. The school confessed to using $3.2M from a federal school lunch program for purposes other than feeding needy children. Between 2014-2016 the funds were released to the school and they hosted adults parties + more. During 2019 the school was given $10M from the government. Without fabricating documents and misleading government agencies this wouldn’t be possible. The efforts to steal money were great but not good enough. Eventually the school got sloppy and reported feeding children on days the school wasn’t open. Some teachers were being paid off the books with cash and those same teachers requested additonal funds through programs for things they never did. Others were paid with coupon vouchers that could be used at local jewish grocery store and other businesses. Between 2010-2015 the school paid employees with around $12M in vouchers. Because of the low salaries on paper most of the staff qualified for government assistance and took advantage of that as well. To make things worse the school came up with a ton of no show positions and hired friends + family to fill those positions. The penalty of the school defrauding the government was $8M and surprisingly no jail time. By agreeing to pay this $8M the school and it’s officials avoid a lawsuit for financial fraud and embezzlement of public funds. I have to admitted this may be another case of jewish privilege. The people involved with the crimes should be punished to the furthest extent of the law. A New York Times investigation revealed the current state of the education being provided at private jewish schools are terrible. During 2019 Central United Talmudical Academy (CUTA) agreed to let more than 1,000 students take standardized tests in reading and math. The results of the tests aren’t shocking at all, every single one of those students failed. This stems from the school neglecting subjects like English, Math, and History while focusing on jewish education. Within the last 4 years 100 jewish schools in New York received over $1B in taxpayers dollars while systematically denying their students proper education.

Controlling Images: Welfare Reform, Work Ethic, and the “Welfare Queen” |  The Gender Press

The private school scam may seem like a lot but defrauding the government isn’t foreign at all for the jewish community. During 2017 an FBI raid in Lakewood, NJ rounded up 26 individuals on charges of stealing $2M in government benefits. Similar to the Palm Tree, NY and Brooklyn private school incidents the individuals underreported their income so they can take advantage of government programs. This includes healthcare, food stamps, housing assistance + more. The FBI is allegedly aware of more individuals doing the same but they claim to lack the resources and staff needed to prosecute everyone. At the time of the raid Lakewood, NJ residents received 14% of the money from a $34M state fund for child illness despite having only 2% of the state’s children in the town. According to the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium there are a long list of genetic diseases for which people of Jewish heritage (at least one grandparent) are more likely to be carriers of than the general population. Government assistance payments were also distributed to Lakewood, NJ residents 29 times more than any other town in NJ. Ocean County prosecutor Joseph Coronato wasn’t buying it. After looking into Lakewood, NJ he said, “You have a family or six or seven or eight, somebody is paying the mortgage, somebody is paying the taxes, they have two cars in the driveway, they’ve got food for all the kids … and they’re reporting their total income at $10,000. You have to ask what is going on here?’’. In one case a family of 8 reported their income at $39,000/yr while they were collecting more than $1M/yr from an LLC that’s most likely owned or connected to the same family. The crackdown on Lakewood, NJ ( jewish community) led to 159 individuals being granted amnesty as long as they meet the requirements of the program. Everyone in the program will be expected to pay $13,800. In my opinion that’s a light slap on the wrist for years of scamming but yet again the jewish privilege is displayed. The irony of this situation is since the beginning of time black people were accused of taking advantage of government programs and our women were deemed to be “welfare queens” meanwhile other groups are way worse.

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