How The Swastika Went From Being A Symbol Of Peace To Hated By Many

The purpose of this post is to spread awareness on the history of the Swastika and how it was hijacked by Hitler which led to the symbol being hated by many. Initially Swastikas were used all over the world to promote good fortune, peace + more. The origin of the name (Swastika) comes from the Sanksrit which means conductive to well-being. A carving dating back to 10,000 B.C. in Mezine, Ukraine is the world’s oldest Swastika known to man. Aside from being on Finland’s Air Force flag, Coca-Cola bottle openers and Boy Scout tokens the symbol is also embedded in a few cultures/religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism + Christianity. During 1920 the Swastika was hijacked by Hitler when he made the Swastika Germany’s national symbol. By 1945 the Swastika was known as the Nazi symbol and was tied to all Nazi activities, genocide + facism. Today the Swastika is still viewed as the worst thing ever although to some it’s the complete opposite. For example there’s a temple in Japan where people worship the God they serve that have the Swastika centered at the top of the temple. The existence of this Swastika brandishing temple led to outrage from descendents of holocaust victims and Jewish supporters. Eventually a Japanese Government panel was forced to decide on whether or not the symbol will stay on the temple along with the other temples throughout the country. The final decision was to let the symbol stay out of respect to the religions and cultures that existed before Hitler hijacked the Swastika.

Navy Swastika in San Diego. Satellites expose more than aerial… | by Paul  Coogan | An Injustice!
US Navy Base in Coronado, CA shaped like swastika
In Japan, a debate about swastikas takes on new urgency | The Outline
The Shoin Shrine in Hagi, Japan
Early Coca-Cola Swastika Watch Fob. - Apr 26, 2014 | Dan Morphy Auctions in  PA
Coca-Cola bottle opener from 1925
Boy Scouts Token (front)
Boy Scouts Token (back)
The ancient symbol that was hijacked by evil - BBC Culture
Swastika on a building in Lalibela, Ethiopia (Credit: Alamy)
Finland scraps pre-Nazi swastika logo from Air Force
Finland’s Airforce

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  1. I feel like there will never be going back. Where the symbol began is too far away from where it ended. Evil twisted it and tainted it because for so many, it represents a disgusting ideology and the death of millions. This was an interesting post to read however and thanks for sharing!


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