Fentanyl In Epidural

The purpose of this post is to highlight the components of the Epidural women are given during birth at most hospitals and the possible effects of the medicine. During labor doctors usually offer women Epidural to relieve the pain they may feel. At that moment the patient is expected to read and sign a set of papers. These papers cover what’s in the medicine, possible side effects, etc. Due to the intense moment most patients usually don’t thoroughly read the packet and they just sign quickly in efforts to getting the pain relieved as soon as possible. According to The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine at Oxford University fentanyl is commonly given as an analgesic during labor/delivery and the extent of the drug transfer is not well studied. After analyzing the fentanyl positive neonatal urine results and other peripartum factors doctors believe the fentanyl in epidural can enter the system of a child in the womb but it doesn’t affect their development, birth + more. Surprisingly the fentanyl in epidural doesn’t affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed within 6 weeks after birth as well. It’s safe to say doctors and scientists are being paid to say this or they insanely believe what they’re sharing with the public. Either way you can decide for yourself after reading the clinical trial results on the effects of fentanyl in epidural here.

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