How 1 In 3 Kids Will Have Autism By 2035

This post was written by The Meat Mafia (@CarniClemenza & @MrSollozzo) Feel free to subscribe to The Meat Mafia and receive newsletters directly to your inbox. For more information on the food system and health follow The Meat Mafia on twitter (@CarniClemenza & @MrSollozzo). Mounting evidence shows that a single chemical is to blame for... Continue Reading →

A List Of Black Inventors

In this post Black Inventors are listed. Lonnie Johnson: NASA engineer, invented the Super Soaker. Lonnie Johnson Lonnie Johnson Edmond Albius: 12 year old slave invented the technique that made the vanilla industry possible by revolutionizing the cultivation of vanilla. He made it possible for us to enjoy treats like Vanilla Ice Cream. Edmond Albius... Continue Reading →

Where is the money going?

The Paterson school district (NJ) may be running one of the biggest scams known to man right in front of our face. Students are eating like prisoners, staff is underpaid and the school conditions are rapidly declining so where is the money going? For three consecutive years the school district raised taxes (2021-2022 school year... Continue Reading →

Whole Foods Chicken Finesse

Before I begin I'd like to remind everyone that the multinational conglomerate Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.4 Billion. Whole Foods the supermarket company known for its "Organic" food and products have a large selection of items to choose from. These brands are promoted to be some of the best brands that's good for your... Continue Reading →

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