Free Crack Pipes From The Biden Administration

During Black History Month (2022) news broke about the Biden Administration funding a harm reduction program with taxpayers dollars to advance racial equity. Yes you read that right... Free crack pipes to black people during Black History Month to advance racial equity. This administration should change their plan name to Build Crack Better instead of... Continue Reading →

What Happened To The Flu?

The flu disappeared once covid came.... The covid-19 virus is simply the flu/common cold on steroids. We the people are too dumb to see this. In result we submit to Babylon due to us being “afraid” along with our lives being inconvenienced with mandates. In my opinion if you eat McDonalds or fast food religiously... Continue Reading →

Whole Foods Chicken Finesse

Before I begin I'd like to remind everyone that the multinational conglomerate Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.4 Billion. Whole Foods the supermarket company known for its "Organic" food and products have a large selection of items to choose from. These brands are promoted to be some of the best brands that's good for your... Continue Reading →

Will You Be Getting The Fauci Juice?

In this post you’ll find a total of 5 separate incidents involving death after receiving the c0vid 19 vaxxine, use of (1) vaxxine manufacturer suspended, companies offering incentives for employees to get vaxxinated, CDC giving the green light for gatherings (as long as everyone’s vaxxinated) & National Geographic Channel broadcasting the journey of creating the... Continue Reading →

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