The Remixed Gas Theory

The purpose of this post is to inform readers about the sale of "remixed" gasoline being authorized and the theory of this being all a part of the plan to get people into electric vehicles. During April 2022 the Biden Administration authorized the sale of E15 gasoline. This decision stemmed from the pain Americans are/was... Continue Reading →

The United States Of Ukraine

The purpose of this post is to inform readers about the long list of supplies and payments sent to Ukraine from the United States during 2022. As of today August 24th, 2022 we the United States sent Ukraine $84.732B. This money and supplies was sent to help Ukraine defend themselves against Russia's invasion but at... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Black Bottom

This post was written by Segregation By Design (@SegByDesign) Feel free to subscribe to Segregation By Design and receive newsletters directly to your inbox using this link. Black Bottom in West Philadelphia was entirely razed in the 1960s by federally-financed “urban renewal,” with the estimated number of those displaced being as high as 10,000. The vast... Continue Reading →

Assassination By Any Means

The purpose of this post is to inform readers about the assassination of Malcolm X. In 1952 an informant turned over 3 letters from Malcolm to the FBI after Malcolm was released from prison. Because one of the letters stated that Malcolm was a Communist the FBI decided to watch his every move. He was... Continue Reading →

How States Wasted $230M On Vaccine Incentives

The purpose of this post is to inform readers about the poor use of taxpayers dollars and federal Covid-19 relief funds. Between 2020-2022 23 states spent $229.1M on Covid-19 vaccine incentives. The jaw dropping $229.1M doesn't include the money spent on other incentives like guns, beer, doughnuts, fries, marijuana, lap dances + more. A study... Continue Reading →

The HEK 293 Theory

In this post the theory of Pepsi using aborted fetus cells in their products will be explained. During 2010 an American biotech company named Senomyx signed a 4yr $30M deal with PepsiCo. This deal gave PepsiCo the rights to Senomyx "flavor ingredients". The Google patent was issued to Senomyx in 2008 for "Recombining Methods for... Continue Reading →

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