Free Crack Pipes From The Biden Administration

During Black History Month (2022) news broke about the Biden Administration funding a harm reduction program with taxpayers dollars to advance racial equity. Yes you read that right... Free crack pipes to black people during Black History Month to advance racial equity. This administration should change their plan name to Build Crack Better instead of... Continue Reading →

How The [Redacted] Run Everything

In this post the Jewish control of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the big transactions made by them are highlighted. The quickest way to be successful in life is by having faith in the God you serve and using group economics. With strong capital and strength in numbers the possibilities are endless. This is... Continue Reading →

Is Sexual Abuse A Part Of Scout’s Honor?

In this post you'll find information regarding sexual abuse reported within the Boy Scouts Organization and an ongoing battle for settlement. For years there were speculations about the safety of boy/girl scouts in the US. Concerns of abuse was always downplayed by former and current members or supporters. These supporters wanted the general public to... Continue Reading →

Who Funded The Third Reich?

Please note this story is based on events that allegedly took place. The J3suits used some of their riches to fund Hitler. If you are unfamiliar with the j3suits feel free to read one of our posts to help you learn more about them. P0pe Pius XII ruled Rome from 1939-1958 and during his time... Continue Reading →

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