Kids In Cages

Throughout 2020 most US news corporations highlighted the large number of immigrants including children being held in cages at the southern border. At the time Donald Trump was president and was considered a bad person because of the situation to some. But most people aren't aware of the Obama administration building the cages due to... Continue Reading →

Land Of The Free

On September 20th, 2021 pictures & videos were released revealing the current Texas border activity with Haitian Refugees. First let me help you learn the Rights of refugees with information from the University of Minnesota library. Articles 12 - 30 of the Refugee Convention set out the rights which individuals are entitled to once they... Continue Reading →

Will You Be Getting The Fauci Juice?

In this post you’ll find a total of 5 separate incidents involving death after receiving the c0vid 19 vaxxine, use of (1) vaxxine manufacturer suspended, companies offering incentives for employees to get vaxxinated, CDC giving the green light for gatherings (as long as everyone’s vaxxinated) & National Geographic Channel broadcasting the journey of creating the... Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter x NBA

While this country was going through weird times the NBA season HAD TO continue. Because the entertainment is worth more than fighting for REAL equality & not what the LGBTQ community says is “equality”. I would like to point out the obvious gestures that are being used by NBA players in the above picture (kneeling).... Continue Reading →

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