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Exposed: Target’s Collaboration With Law Enforcement

The purpose of this post is to highlight the collaboration between Target and law enforcement. Dating back to the 1990’s Target developed a unique relationship with law enforcement to crackdown on shoplifting and prevent crime in general. With money and their influence Target convinced city leaders and police departments to give them control of urban…

How The Swastika Went From Being A Symbol Of Peace To Hated By Many

The purpose of this post is to spread awareness on the history of the Swastika and how it was hijacked by Hitler which led to the symbol being hated by many. Initially Swastikas were used all over the world to promote good fortune, peace + more. The origin of the name (Swastika) comes from the…

Black Business Directory (Philadelphia)

The purpose of this post is to help with the process of locating Black Owned Businesses/Services in the Philadelphia region If you would like to add a Business/Service please email The41stAmendment@gmail.com Don’t forget to hit the share button & send this map to friends/family! With help from Philly Mag, Philadelphia Inquirer, African-American Chamber of Commerce,…

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