The Long History Of Money Missing From The Pentagon

The general population rarely discuss the missing money from Pentagon accounts. Audits show a long list of unsupported adjustments, transactions. The Pentagon fail to provide physical evidence of alleged large computer system orders and other use of funds like. This missing money was reported four times for the amounts of $2.3 Trillion, $6.5 Trillion, $21 Trillion and $35 Trillion since 2001 by numerous media outlets. The funds missing are assumed to be for classified projects and missions like the upkeep/expansion of underground bases in Nevada, Antarctica + other parts of the world. It also help continue operations at the moon and mars bases. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called out the poor accounting and spending by the Pentagon on September 10th, 2001 just one day before 9/11. At the time $2.3 Trillion was reported missing which is $8,000 to everyone in America. But after the towers went down all the attention went towards funding the war on terrorism and the poor accounting no longer mattered. In 2016 OIG (Office of the Inspector General) released a document revealing more poor accounting and spending by the Pentagon. At the time $6.5 Trillion was reported. During this same year the Pentagon conducted an internal study which revealed $125M missing from accounts. Many believe they kept this a secret due to the risk of their budget getting cut by congress. There’s a copy of a page from the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) report below showing the unsupported and supported adjustments/transactions.


In 2018 Forbes Magazine published an article stating $21 Trillion was missing from Pentagon accounts just two years after the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) released their report on $6.5 Trillion missing. $21 Trillion is enough to give $65,000 checks to every American. Instead secret missions like a US Special Forces mission in Niger to capture a high level Islamic State militant are funded and carried out without the Pentagon and US agencies knowing. The Pentagon and US agencies didn’t know about the secret mission until 4 special forces soldiers were ambushed and killed in 2018. According to government data there were 562,568 adjustments made to the Pentagon’s books in 2018 and during that same year the pentagon conducted their first audit. The audit grade was a huge F (fail). The process was actually 24 audits compressed into an overall audit. Around 1,400-2,400 auditors read records, investigated bases, property and weapons. The pentagon would fail every audit after this up to 2021. January 2020 just a few months before the coronavirus pandemic began a new report was released revealing even more money missing from Pentagon accounts. This time a unbelievable $35 Trillion was reported to be missing. I expect money to go missing from the Pentagon every year until the end of time.

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