Blatant Hypocrisy

The purpose of this post is to highlight the blatant hypocrisy we see today from corporations and their owners. When the Nazi party was terrorizing foreign streets from 1933-1945 they received a ton of help/business from a long list of Americans and wealthy individuals. Today those same companies act like their Nazi ties don't exist... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Black Bottom

This post was written by Segregation By Design (@SegByDesign) Feel free to subscribe to Segregation By Design and receive newsletters directly to your inbox using this link. Black Bottom in West Philadelphia was entirely razed in the 1960s by federally-financed “urban renewal,” with the estimated number of those displaced being as high as 10,000. The vast... Continue Reading →

How The [Redacted] Run Everything

In this post the Jewish control of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the big transactions made by them are highlighted. The quickest way to be successful in life is by having faith in the God you serve and using group economics. With strong capital and strength in numbers the possibilities are endless. This is... Continue Reading →

Saving A Sinking Ship

In Florida there are a few cities that are at extreme risk of being underwater in the years to come due to climate change and the Atlantic Ocean sea level rising. This didn't stop cities from approving permits for elegant skyscrapers and banks from financing waves of new construction on marsh land. Since 1993 the... Continue Reading →

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